148 Game-Changing School Fundraising Ideas to Boost Revenue

These work because the principal agrees to do some challenge (think dunk tank or pie to the face) if you reach a specific fundraising goal. A balloon pop party is a unique idea that your students will love. It works by putting a prize into each balloon, like a homework pass, a treat, or whatever else you’d like. You then allow students to select a balloon, buy it, and then pop it to get their prize.
Be sure to contact any independently-owned local restaurants, too! They’ll likely appreciate the larger dinner crowds, and you can help promote a local business. If your PTO’s school hosts an annual field day for students, create some special competition events and give attendees the opportunity to register to compete.
This could include T-shirts, hats or other items with your school’s logo on them. All of the money from the sales will go toward your school’s fundraising goal. Fundraising ideas for schools like this one can encourage creative thinking and socialization between students.
Our assortment of lollipops provides the perfect pop for your group. All lollipop fundraisers have a minimum purchase of 1 case. Shipping is free and you make a 50% profit on every lollipop you sell. Volunteering is not the only community service option for high school students. Social media and online donation platforms make it easier to hold an event and raise funds for the community or local nonprofits they want to support.
The whole donation process can be completed in minutes, making it a convenient tool for both the supporter and the recipient. Just make sure you share your text-to-give number far and wide to get the most support possible. To track each participants’ steps, they may use a specific activity tracker or one within a smartphone or other device.
Most of our fundraisers now come with a Web Store so you can run your fundraiser online or in person using our traditional order-taker forms. Put a bunch of different sized egg candies into a container (everything from kinder eggs to jelly beans) and have the students guess how many items are in the container. Include a fee to enter your guess and the winner gets a gift card or other age appropriate prize. Have your students dress in fun Easter costumes, and compete in an obstacle course/relay event. You can make the obstacles as creative as you want but make sure they’re doable for the students in the costumes. You can have these events over the course of the week leading up to the Easter break or you can include these ideas as part of a larger event.
Another great holiday-themed activity for the whole school community is a quiz night. Create a list of trivia questions about holidays, holiday movies, TV shows, music or whatever is appropriate for your students or their parents. This is a more complex fundraiser, but the results can be worth it. Work with local restaurants and bars to create a German-style Oktoberfest beer celebration. Plan a route among different venues and charge adults admission to participate.
Bring your community members together in support of your team at a dinner that doubles as a celebration of your team members. Recruit volunteer chefs from among your team members and their friends and family and invite everyone to come and show their support. Get your team members to bring the supplies and encourage them to make an easily readable sign to draw attention to your car wash. Set up in a location that’s accessible and has plenty of space, then work together as a team to wash cars in exchange for donations. Whether or not your supporters are athletes like your team members, mini-golf is a sport that everyone can enjoy. school fundraiser companies with your local mini-golf course to invite team members and supporters for a fun night of mini-golf and games.