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This water-use data-gap analysis analyzed the differences between the current state of the Nation’s water-use data and the data needed to achieve the long-term goals of the USGS Water Availability and Use Science Program. This has been utilised to great effect by our Investment Committee and in the preparation of Suitability Reports and Annual Review process and the integration with our back office system is an added bonus. FE Analytics is much more advanced than many competitor fund research products. With system updates on a daily basis we are able to more closely watch market trends and react a lot faster. Furthermore, all investments can be amalgamated to give us a complete view of our clients’ holdings and allow us to better advise our clients.
This is particularly useful for creating a new dataset—also referred to as a study area or area of interest (AOI)—that contains a geographic subset of the features in another, larger dataset. It converses with people, deciphers text inputs, and generates human-like responses, allowing for interactive and dynamic user interactions. -based language model is more complex than many existing language models, like OpenAI Codex, with 41.4 billion parameters. AlphaCode provides training in a number of programming languages, including C#, Ruby, Scala, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Go, and Rust.
Technical support is available to all TxDOT PSTRS14 users and any consultant PSTRS14 users designing bridges for TxDOT. Properties of standard I beams, Dbl-T beams, U beams, Slab beams, Box beams, TxGirders, Decked Slab beams and X-beams are included in the program’s beam section library. User defined beam shapes can be designed and analyzed using the non-standard beam option. BridgeLink links together several different bridge engineering software tools into one convenient and easy to use platform. The software tools included in BridgeLink are BEToolbox, PGSplice, PGSuper, TOGA, and XBRate. This website provides visualizations of population change for North American birds using data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS).
Additional features include session recordings, conversion funnel analysis, as well as the collection of user feedback via forms and surveys. Trymata (formerly TryMyUI) allows you to run remote usability tests and gain user insights to inform your product, marketing, e-commerce, startup, or agency strategy—and build products your users will enjoy. It lets you run live product analytics to test your customer’s journey, and you can conduct unmoderated tests then watch the recording to identify user frustrations. Loop11 is another prominent online usability tool that allows you to run website usability testing, A/B testing, and prototype testing. It uses GPT-4 to create AI-powered summaries, audio transcripts, and reports. Loop11 allows your team to combine both tasks and questions in tests for a mix of quantitative and qualitative results.
Ahrefs has been the number one tool in our SEO tool belt for many years. From the basics like rank tracking to the pro-level backlink insights Ahrefs allows us to be more efficient and more effective SEOs. We’ve added $80M of annual traffic value in the last two years and it wouldn’t have been possible without Ahrefs.
It also offers a range of video, audio, and screen recording features, making it suited for unmoderated usability testing. Additionally, Loop11 also offers a pool of participants to recruit from. UsabilityHub is a remote user research platform that allows teams to run different types of tests and identify usability issues. The UsabilityHub platform is best known for its range of first-click tests, design surveys, preference tests, and five-second tests.
In data analysis mode, it supports legacy file formats (DAT, RDT, OPD, and OUD) in addition to the new UVData and BeamData formats. We offer technical and methodological support for all users, whether conducting mixed methods research, qualitative research, statistical analysis, thematic analysis, market research, or academic research. Our qualitative data experts and ATLAS.ti specialists work around the clock to provide the support you need. We will do everything to help you keep your analysis project running and uncompromised. Use this tool to cut out a piece of one dataset using one or more of the features in another dataset as a cookie cutter.
Bloomberg has one of the most extensive databases of information available in the financial world. Bloomberg’s built-in screening, searching and analysis tools allow for extensive data retrieval, interpretation and manipulation. Information on every financial market, instrument and variable in the world is at your fingertips. Bloomberg’s international information coverage is also wide-ranging, with news and economic information on every country available both in real-time and historically. It is often useful to be able to compute on specific genomic intervals, such as genes. GeneVisitor provides a quick and easy way to do this, using an annotation file (GFF or BED format) to call a function on each indicated region of the genome.
The study of random simplicial complexes offers some insight into statistical topology. Cantata is an automated unit and integration testing tool for C and C++ languages, enabling developers to verify standard compliant or business critical code on host native and embedded target platforms. There are a plethora of functional enrichment tools that perform some type of “over-representation” analysis by querying databases containing information about gene function and interactions. The SignsPC application is used in conjunction with the MicroStation computer-aided drafting application.
Participants will gain hands-on experience using these and other NGS tools in the Linux command line environment at TACC, as well as exposure to the many bioinformatics resources TACC makes available. Inspection data analysis tools, like risk-based inspection, help us to focus on quantitative reliability targets. When considering thinning mechanisms, there is a certain probability that a piece of equipment will reach retirement thickness before…